I. General Provisions and Definitions of Expressions

General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") are the relationships between the Buyer and the Seller - company BLUETACTIC, s. r. o., company ID number: 47 789 891, with its seat at Jašíkova 2, 821 03, Bratislava, Slovakia (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"). These Terms and Conditions are related to the sale of goods through an online shop located at www.growbox.de (thereinafter referred to as the "e-shop").

Rights and obligations not governed by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of Slovakia.

Buyer is a physical or corporate entity that sends an electronic order for the purpose of purchasing goods. 

Seller is the provider of the e-shop www.growbox.de

Goods are products offered in the e-shop www.growbox.de

Order is a processed and sent electronic order form consisting of information about the Buyer, a list of the ordered goods and their price. Simultaneously, an electronic order is a draft contract based on which the sale of the goods is performed. An order arises after its confirmation by the Seller.

Purchase price is the price stated in the electronic order inclusive of VAT (we are a VAT payer) and other fees to be paid by the Buyer in order to obtain the ordered goods.

These Terms and Conditions specify rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer and are an integral part of the issued order.


II. Ordering, Contract Concluding

The condition of contract validity is the faithful and complete fulfilling of all requested data in the registration form. The Buyer declares that he agrees with the processing and preservation of his personal data by the Seller in accordance with the Slovak law. The Buyer grants the Seller such consent for an indefinite time.

The agreement with the processing of personal data may be cancelled in writing by the Buyer at any time. The consent shall be terminated within one month from the delivery of the Buyer's agreement cancellation request and the data shall be deleted consequently. The data provided will be used in accordance with the Slovak law within the business relationship between the Seller and the Buyer. 

All received electronic orders shall be considered as draft contracts and are binding.

A draft contract will be accepted by the Seller by an order confirmation, whereby a compulsory legal relation between the Seller and the Buyer originates. So concluded contract is regarded as a remotely concluded contract and it is considered binding in accordance with the Slovak law. All information related to an order shall be sent to the Buyer's email address, if necessary. 

The Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer without any delay if he is not able to deliver the goods ordered. In such case, no compulsory legal relation arises.

The Seller reserves the right to set off previous non-fulfilled liabilities of the Buyer when fulfilling an order in case that the Buyer has failed to fulfill his obligations against the Seller in the past.


III. Cancellation of an Order

The Seller is entitled to cancel an order or a part thereof, if the Buyer states false or untrue personal data in his order, if the goods ordered are no longer produced, supplied, in stock or if the price has changed substantially. Associated fees may be invoiced by the Seller to the Buyer. If the Buyer paid a deposit or the full purchase price, the corresponding amount will be transferred within 7 business days to his bank account.

The Buyer is entitled to cancel an order without any cancellation fee within 2 hours after an order confirmation is generated and only if the goods have not been shipped yet.

An order may be cancelled by the Buyer by an email to www.growbox.de.

When it is possible to cancel the order, no cancellation fee will be charged by the Seller to the Buyer. The Seller is obliged to return the already paid purchase price or its part within 7 business days by bank transfer to the bank account of the Buyer, if nothing else has been agreed by both contractual parties.


IV. Contract Withdrawal

The Buyer is entitled to withdraw a contract in accordance with the provisions of the Slovak law without giving any reason and may do so within 14 days from the day of accepting the goods. This does not appy to corporate entities and physical entities (tradesmen), as well as to physical persons (not tradesmen) not fulfilling the specifications stated by the Slovak law.

The Buyer is entitled to unpack the goods within the stipulated period and try them in a usual manner to ascertain the nature, characteristics and function of these goods.

The Buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods. To ensure the validity of the contract withdrawal, it is necessary that the Buyer informs the Seller about his intention to withdraw the contract by an email to growbox@growbox.de.

The Buyer is obliged to return the goods together with a copy of the invoice and a bank account number in order to retrieve the purchase price from the Seller.

Shipping fees are unrefundable.

The Buyer bears the expenses for sending the goods back to the Seller completely. In the event of a contract withdrawal, it is to be cancelled and both parties shall return all mutually provided fulfillments.

In the event that the Buyer withdraws the contract and delivers the goods to the Seller with a decreased value, for example they are used, damaged or non-complete, the Buyer is obliged to compensate the Seller all costs needed for the repair or restoration of the goods to their original state. The purchase price will be transferred to the Buyer after an inspection of the goods within 15 days in accordance with the Slovak law by bank transfer to a bank account determined by the Buyer, unless nothing else is agreed by both contractual parties.

It is recommended for the Buyer to insure the consignment. No COD shipments are accepted by the Seller.

According to the Slovak law, the Buyer shall not withdraw the contract in the following cases: the goods are prepared according to the Buyer's special requirements, the goods are determined for a single Buyer, or the goods may not be returned due to their properties.


V. Delivery Terms and Conditions 

The goods will be delivered to the Buyer via courier. The Buyer is obliged to pay the costs of transportation in accordance with the current valid transportation prices.

The risk of damaging the goods passes to the Buyer by the acceptance of the goods.

The Seller is obliged to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer within the earliest possible delivery date after the acceptance of the electronic order depending on their availability. Goods in stock are delivered within 14 business days. In the event of an extended delivery date, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about it without any delay.

An order is considered to be complete when the goods are accepted by the Buyer. The consignment with the goods always consists of an invoice and an instruction manual.

The Buyer is obliged to accept the goods properly and on time at the place specified in the electronic order. If the Buyer fails to take over the goods from the courier or the delivery is to be repeated due to the absence of the Buyer, all additional costs shall be billed to the Buyer.

When taking over the goods, the Buyer is obliged to check the delivery and inform the Seller about any damage to the package or the goods immediately (not later than within 3 days) and prepare a protocol about it.

If the consignment is visibly damaged or destroyed, the Buyer is obliged to contact the Seller without accepting the consignment.

If the goods delivered do not match the order, the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about this by an email to growbox@growbox.de without any delay. Any subsequent complaints related to the quantity and physical damage of the goods shall be refused.

If the goods are not in stock at the time of the order, they will be shipped after they will become available in stock.

Transportation prices are stated in the current price list here.


VI. Purchase Price, Payments 

The price of the goods is in accordance with the valid prices stated in the e-shop www.growbox.de. The Seller reserves the right to change prices in case that suppliers, importers or manufacturers change their prices. In such case, the Buyer is entitled to withdraw the contract.

The prices of all products are stated inclusive of VAT and other taxes and fees. We are a VAT payer.

All payments transferred by the Buyer shall be made in € (EUR), unless nothing else is agreed mutually.

The Buyer is obliged to make the payment within 3 business days from the day of receiving an order confirmation. If the Buyer fails to pay the purchase price within 3 business days, the order shall be cancelled.

The Buyer has the possibility to pay via bank transfer. The invoice shall be delivered to the Buyer subsequently.

The Seller is the owner of the goods until a complete settlement of the price agreed in the contract is made by the Buyer, in the sense of the Slovak law.


VII. Warranty and Claims 

Unless otherwise specified, the Seller shall provide a warranty period of 24 months from the acceptance of the product by the Buyer.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by the product's use at variance with its purpose and mechanical or common use.

If a product is sold for a lower price because of defects, the Seller provides the warranty period of 24 months, whereby the warranty does not cover the defects, because of which the product's price was reduced. These defects shall be specified in the contract.

The Seller is obliged to handle a claim using the following methods:

a) repair of the product
b) replacement of the product
c) reimbursement of the price
d) rejection of the claim.

The Buyer is entitled to file a claim under the following conditions: re-deliver the product (mechanically not damaged, clean, if possible in the original package) to the Seller including the instruction manual and invoice.

The Seller shall repair defects without delay, latest within 30 days. In the event that the defects cannot be eliminated, the Seller is obliged to replace the faulty product with a new one. If this is a defect, which does not prevent the use of the product and cannot be eliminated, the Buyer is entitled to obtain a reduction in the product's price in the form of a credit.

In case that no repair or replacement of the product is possible, the Seller is entitled to cancel the contract by issuing a credit in the amount of the original product's price.

In case that a replacement of the product occurred, a new warranty period starts to expire from the date of its delivery.

If a claim is rejected reasonably, the product within the claim shall be returned back to the Buyer at his cost.

The Seller shall make a decision about a claim immediately, in complicated cases within 3 business days. In justified cases, where it is necessary to make a complicated technical assessment of the product's state, within 30 days from the date of making the claim. After the expiration of this period, the Buyer is entitled to withdraw the contract or he has the right for a replacement of the defective product for a new one.


VIII. Penalties for the Non-Payment and Non-Acceptation of Goods 

Each order is binding after a confirmation by the Seller and thus a compulsory legal relation between the Seller and the Buyer originates. By sending an electronic order, the Buyer agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the Seller and therefore also with all sanctions for the non-fulfillment of the obligations resulting from the contract concluded.

The Buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price and take over the consignment properly and on time at the place stated in his order.

In the event that the Buyer refuses to accept the goods without a previously written withdrawal of the contract, the Seller shall be compensated by the Buyer for the damage occurred in the amount of the Seller's actually incurred costs.


IX. Final Provisions

These Terms and Conditions are valid from 1.1.2016.

The Seller reserves the right to change, cancel or adapt these Terms and Conditions or a part of them without further notice, whereby an electronic order will be subject to those Terms and Conditions, which are valid on the day of sending the order by the Buyer.

The Seller is not responsible for the Buyer's lost profit, loss of opportunity or any other indirect losses, which occurred due to the non-fulfillment of an order, the violation of the contract or differently.

The Buyer and the Seller irrevocably agree that the courts of Slovakia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).